The Walking Dead: Has a new cure for zombie bites just been discovered?!

Zombies are omnipresent in the world of “The Walking Dead” and feared for their deadly bites. Now, however, “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 8 promises a possible cure!

  • “The Walking Dead” ended on a hopeful note after 11 seasons, but without a hint of a future without zombies.
  • As long as U.S. broadcaster AMC can make money with the zombie saga, this is unlikely to change.
  • In “Fear the Walking Dead”, however, at least a possible cure for zombie bites has now been hinted at.
The Walking Dead: Has a new cure for zombie bites just been discovered?!

Where does the zombie virus from “The Walking Dead” come from? No one knows for sure, and the main series never answered this question in its 11 seasons. However, we learned that people don’t turn into zombies through zombie bites, instead the zombie bites are deadly, but the virus that ensures resurrection as a zombie after death is already dormant in people.

So it doesn’t matter which way you die, as long as your head is still intact, you return as a zombie. In “The Walking Dead,” the seemingly certain death from a zombie bite could occasionally be stopped by simply cutting off the affected arm or leg in time before the deadly zombie saliva could spread in the blood.

This stopgap measure can’t really be seen as a cure, but in the stressful daily grind of the zombie apocalypse, there’s rarely time for detailed research into the virus. However, in the finale of the short-lived spin-off “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” a team of Civic Republic scientists discovers a fungus that would significantly accelerate the decay of zombies.

This way, zombies would be a much smaller threat, but it is not yet known whether Hope Bennett and her scientists managed to turn the fungus into a usable zombie weapon.

The Walking Dead: Radioactivity – for a better future!

The Walking Dead: Has a new cure for zombie bites just been discovered?!

Now “Fear the Walking Dead” also provides us with a possible solution to a major zombie problem in the final season. June investigated for seven years her theory that radioactivity can stop the lethality of zombie bites.

In fact, the infection could be stopped in one bitten patient, but the amount of radiation needed was so high that the woman eventually died anyway. Nevertheless, it is now known that radioactivity could be a useful tool against zombie bites, as long as it is possible to use less radiation for this purpose.

It’s not certain when (or if) “The Walking Dead” universe will come to a conclusion, with numerous spin-off series finally launching in the coming months. However, the hints of a cure already point to a possible happy ending that could await us in a few years.

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