The Last of Us Season 2: Here’s what happens in season 2 of the HBO series

The Last of Us season 2 has long been confirmed. But how will the new episodes of the HBO series continue? Will the series pick up the plot of the 2nd game?

  • “The Last of Us” continues in a 2nd season!
  • HBO confirmed the continuation of the highly acclaimed video game adaptation after only two episodes of season 1 aired.
  • The story of the 2nd video game is also to be told in the series, but is it already in season 2?

The buzz for The Last of Us season 2 is spreading as rapidly as the cordyceps mushroom in the series, which is why US broadcaster HBO is officially ordering a sequel after just two episodes. At the end of Season 1, Joel and Ellie are back on the road to Tommy after the disastrous encounter with the Fireflies. But what happens next?

The Last of Us Season 2: Release Date

The Last of Us Season 2: Here's what happens in season 2 of the HBO series

From the first day of shooting to the release of the 1st season of “The Last of Us” about 18 months have passed. So we don’t expect The Last of Us season 2 to be released before summer 2024. Certainly, the corona pandemic was also a slowing factor in the production of the HBO series, but filming hasn’t started yet and post-production will have their hands full with properly animating the infected after filming. Therefore, we will probably have to be patient for a similarly long time.

The Last of Us: What we can expect in season 2

The Last of Us Season 2: Here's what happens in season 2 of the HBO series

Season 1 ended with Joel completing his mission and taking the anti-fungal immune Ellie to the Fireflies rebel camp. But when he learns that the Fireflies want to kill Ellie to find out the reason for her immunity, Joel blows a fuse and kills one Firefly after another – including Marlene.

Ellie is unaware of all this, as she is still under anesthesia and a doctor is about to tamper with her brain. Joel grabs her, but doesn’t tell her afterwards what really happened. They make their way to the settlement where Joel’s brother Tommy has settled.

But what happens next? Fans of the game know that there is a big time jump in “The Last of Us Part II” and we see Ellie as a young woman.

Game and series creator Neil Druckman and co-showrunner Craig Mazin had previously hinted that if “The Last of Us” gets more seasons, they would adapt the plot of the game “The Last of Us Part II” and also hinted that the story should end with the end of the 2nd game.

However, it is not ruled out that The Last of Us season 2 will close the time gap between the two games, in which a whole 5 years will pass after all. Not only would that allow HBO to run the series for three seasons, lead actress Bella Ramsey would also have more time to visibly age and thus play an older and more serious Ellie.

We know this from the games – warning, spoilers!

After a 5-year time jump, we see 19-year-old Ellie and Joel living in Jackson, Wyoming. On one of their routine patrols, Joel and his brother Tommy rescue a woman named Abby who is being pursued by a horde of infected. She takes them to a safe house run by her group, former Fireflies, now known as the Washington Liberation Front. However, the WLF attack the brothers.

Ellie and her friend Dina set out to find Tommy and Joel. Something terrible happens and the hunt for Abby begins. Among other things, they encounter the religious sect called the Seraphites. The focus of the game is on Ellie and Dina.

The Last of Us Season 2: Cast

In The Last of Us season 2, we will definitely see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey again as Joel and Ellie. Since the two are on their way to meet Tommy, who also plays an important role in the second video game, his actor Gabriel Luna should also return.

If the second season of the series already picks up the plot from Game 2, we can also expect plenty of new characters. Especially important would be the roles of Abby Anderson and Dina, the latter being Ellie’s girlfriend. We should also get to know Jesse (Dina’s ex-boyfriend) and Owen (Abby’s ex-boyfriend), as well as Lev and Yara, two siblings who used to be part of the Seraphite cult.

The Last of Us Season 2: Trailer

There is still no trailer for the 2nd season of “The Last of Us”. We don’t expect to see the first images of the sequel until 2024 at the earliest.

The Last of Us Season 2: Production

Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin will certainly remain the showrunners of the successful HBO series in season 2. Season 1 was filmed in Alberta, Canada. It is likely that season 2 will also be filmed there. Filming has not yet begun.

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