The Crown Season 6: Netflix promises season start still for 2023

The Crown” awaits us soon with a final 6th season. In it, we will experience the dramas of the British royal family for the last time. There is still no exact start date, but a first indication of when we can expect new episodes from The Crown Season 6.

  • Netflix’s award-winning drama “The Crown” is getting a 6th season.
  • In this one, we experience the sad fate of Queen Diana, but also the beginnings of William and Kate’s romance.
  • Netflix has now announced that the series will be released in 2023, but it has not yet given an exact date.

The successful Netflix series “The Crown” is slowly moving towards its grand finale. With the 6th season, the story of the British royal family is to be concluded. This time, the main focus is on William and Kate getting to know each other.

The Crown Season 6: Start Date

The Crown Season 6: Netflix promises season start still for 2023

So far, the 6th season of “The Crown” has no exact start date. But the new episodes about the British royal family are scheduled for release in fall 2023.

The Crown Season 6: Plot

The Crown Season 6: Netflix promises season start still for 2023

Many details about the plot of season 6 are not yet known. However, screenwriter Peter Morgan has revealed to the online magazine Deadline that there will be no time jump in the 6th season and is therefore set in the same time as already season 5. We will therefore follow the events surrounding the royal family from the second half of the 1990s to the early 2000s.

Prince Charles actor Dominic West has also already hinted in an interview with Deadline that we should be ready for “turbulent” events in the final season. This is hardly surprising, since the upcoming episodes will finally focus on the tragic death of Princess Diana.

Morgan already clarified that we won’t get to see the fatal accident in concrete terms, but the consequences of the tragedy will be looked at in more detail. In addition, the plot will possibly show more of the events surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Prince Harry.

The Crown Season 6: Cast

The Crown Season 6: Netflix promises season start still for 2023

In season 5, there was once again a cast change in the main roles. Since there will be no time jump in the upcoming season 6, the current actors and actresses of Queen Elizabeth II will also return to their roles in the final season.

Thus, the role of Queen Elizabeth II will then be played again by Imelda Staunton (“Harry Potter”). Also returning will be Dominic West (“The Affair”) as Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki (“Tenet”) as Princess Diana, Jonathan Pryce (“Game of Thrones”) as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret and Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The character of Prince William will be portrayed by two different actors. Rufus Kampa will portray William as a teenager, while Ed McVey will play him as a young adult as well as at the beginning of his relationship with Kate Middleton. Prince Harry, on the other hand, will be played by newcomer Will Powell. A brand new addition to the cast is actress Meg Bellamy, who will take on the role of young Kate.

The Crown Season 6: Production

Initially, the series creators had planned to end the series with the 5th season. In July 2020, however, series creator Peter Morgan changed his mind again and announced that the series will now end after 6 seasons.

In an interview with Deadline, Morgan explained that this decision was made to “do justice to the richness and complexity of the story”. In addition, at the very beginning, the plan was to finish the story in 6 seasons anyway, so they simply went back to the original plan. The fans will have been pleased with this change of plans, as they will get an additional season of “The Crown”.

The Crown Season 6: Trailer & Pictures

There is no official trailer yet. But pictures have already been released, which give us a first glimpse of William and Kate.

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