Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story: When does Netflix’s “Bridgerton” spin-off play?

Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story” tells from the past and present of the English Queen Charlotte. With the many time jumps, one often loses the overview. We put the “Bridgerton” spin-off in chronological order for you.

  • Starts on Netflix on May 4, 2023.
  • In the series we experience several time jumps between the past and present of Queen Charlotte.
  • We’ll help you keep track of when the spin-off series takes place with the various plots.
Queen Charlotte - A Bridgerton Story: When does Netflix's "Bridgerton" spin-off play?

With “Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story,” Netflix expands the world of its successful historical series “Bridgerton.” The series tells the love story of Queen Charlotte and her husband, the English King George III, but there are also scenes set in the present day of “Bridgerton.”

Due to the many jumps in time, you can lose track of what’s going on. We help you to arrange the events of the series chronologically.

The first season of “Bridgerton” is based on the first volume of the novel series of the same name by author Julia Quinn. In it, the eldest Bridgerton daughter Daphne finds happiness with Simon Basset in 1813. A year later, her older brother Anthony marries his wife Kate Sharma in season 2.

Queen Charlotte - A Bridgerton Story: When does Netflix's "Bridgerton" spin-off play?

“Queen Charlotte” takes place shortly after their wedding. At least the scenes in the present. The spin-off follows the aged Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury and Lady Violet Bridgerton while Anthony is on his honeymoon with his wife. The plot thus directly follows the second season, which ends in 1814 with just this honeymoon.

53 years earlier, in “Queen Charlotte,” we follow the German princess Sophie Charlotte zu Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1761 as she travels to England to reign as queen alongside George III.

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