“Oppenheimer”: New trailer shows the true face of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film

The new trailer for “Oppenheimer” finally reveals what Christopher Nolan’s new star-studded film will be like – and some movie fans may well be surprised.

  • A new trailer movie by Christopher Nolan has been released.
  • In it, the titular scientist can be seen tweaking the atomic bomb under high pressure.
  • The historically inspired blockbuster thriller will be released on July 21, 2023.
"Oppenheimer": New trailer shows the true face of Christopher Nolan's upcoming film

And it’s a thriller again after all: “Oppenheimer” finally shows its true colors in the new trailer – and yet again quite clearly the signature of blockbuster director Christopher Nolan: In contrast to the calm and artistic first images and teasers, there is now a proper foretaste of suspense and action.

Oppenheimer | New Trailer

So far, the film about the physicist and atomic bomb inventor J. Robert Oppenheimer seemed like an ambitious subject for the entertainment guarantor Nolan and it could be seriously speculated whether Christopher Nolan will strike different notes with his new film than in his past works.

Now, in the fast-paced montage, alongside lead actor Cillian Murphy and famous cast members like Matt Damon, we can see how “Oppenheimer” must orchestrate a relentless scientific race against the Nazis so that “the bomb” doesn’t fall into the hands of the fascist enemy first.

Set to open in theaters on July 21, 2023, “Oppenheimer” is sure to be the hottest big-screen reboot of the current year’s summer season.

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