One Piece series on Netflix starts soon: manga author talks about doubts about live action series

Netflix is setting course for the “One Piece.” The live-action series to the anime starts soon and, appropriately, the author of the template addresses the fans with a letter. He finds critical words.

  • According to anime author Eiichirō Oda, the Netflix adaptation of “One Piece” is about to start.
  • He himself admits to having doubted a successful implementation for a long time.
  • In an open letter, he tells fans more about the collaboration with Netflix.
One Piece series on Netflix starts soon: manga author talks about doubts about live action series

Soon, Ruffy and the Straw Hat Gang will finally set course for “One Piece” on Netflix. After the pirate crew has been chasing the legendary treasure of the pirate king Gold Roger for more than 1,000 episodes in the anime, this year they will set sail for the first time in a live-action adaptation. “One Piece” creator Eiichirō Oda now shares info on the launch and his doubts about the project in an open letter to fans.

He talks about working with the creators of the Netflix series and says there was even a time when he wondered if a foreign production was even possible. Although he and the creators had the same goal and understanding of the “One Piece” universe, they came from different cultures and had different goals and approaches. That can be frustrating for both sides. But in the end, after hard work and a long collaboration, they eventually found a common wavelength.

He also sees this as the last chance to let the entire world participate in the adventures of Ruffy, Zorro, Nami and Co. After all, he said, he is still active now and can thus oversee the project. According to Netflix, the series will start later this year, but according to Oda, this date is not set in stone:

Since then (2016), Netflix has put a gigantic amount of resources into the project. It was announced that the series would start in 2023, but I was promised that it wouldn’t start until I was satisfied with the result.

Eiichirō Oda

If we take this statement literally, the “One Piece” series on Netflix might be delayed after all. However, it doesn’t look like that if you look at the concluding words from Oda’s letter. With these, he reveals that they are currently in the final production phase and are close to completing all eight episodes. Fans continue to have mixed feelings about the live-action adaptation and are unsure if the crazy world of “One Piece” will actually work with real actors. Nevertheless, many are eagerly awaiting the release of the series.

The fact that Oda published this letter on Twitter on May 4 is no coincidence. After all, the main character of “One Piece”, Monkey D. Ruffy, has his birthday one day later. In the original, as you know, his name is Monkey D. Luffy. So that you also know how to pronounce the name, actor Iñaki Godoy has published a funny video on this topic together with Netflix on Twitter:

And Iñaki Godoy should know, after all, he slips into the role of the future pirate king in the upcoming Netflix series. There is still no exact start date for the live-action series, but Oda’s words raise hopes for a fall launch.

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