Gossip Girl: Mysterious message emerged – Will the series with Blake Lively and Co. continue?

Will it soon be “XOXO, Gossip Girl” again? A new Twitter post gives hope and leaves not only us, but also numerous fans around the world nervously asking for more information.

  • Is “Gossip Girl” coming back with the original cast?
  • A freshly posted social media post on Twitter offers us hope.
  • After the end of the 2021 reboot, a revival of Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester and co. would be more in demand than ever.
Gossip Girl: Mysterious message emerged - Will the series with Blake Lively and Co. continue?

Is a resourceful social media manager just playing with our emotions or can we actually have hope that “Gossip Girl” will return? On Twitter, the official account of the successful drama series shared a picture that hints at the return of the original cast, consisting of Blake Lively (“The Rhythm Section”), Leighton Meester (“How I Met Your Father”), Penn Badgley (“You – You’ll Love Me”) , Chace Crawford (“The Boys”), Taylor Momsen (“The Grinch”) and Ed Westwick (“White Gold”).

Welcome back, Upper East Siders. After a long absence, I saw that it didn’t take you long to stain the clean slate I gave you. #gossipgirl

@gossipgirl via Twitter

Unfortunately, not much is revealed in the post, so we can only speculate. But there are good reasons to bring back the teen drama. US streaming service HBO Max brought the series back to screens in 2021 with a reboot and new Gossip Boys and Girls.

This was canceled after two seasons. An exact reason for the end of the reboot was not given at the time, but the merger of the WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. media groups could have been a trigger.

As part of the company merger, the streaming service HBO Max is being restructured, which resulted in the cancellation of numerous series. The new streaming portal Max is expected to emerge from the process.

To celebrate this, numerous new series have been announced, including a dedicated “Harry Potter” series and an anime to “Rick and Morty.”

Since many series are currently getting a revival, including with the original cast, it’s not unlikely that “Gossip Girl” will be brought back with the old cast after the failed 2021 reboot.

Until Gossip Girl herself tells us more, we’ll have to live on with the uncertainty of what the post actually means. Since all the actors and actresses, with the exception of Taylor Momsen, are still working as actors, a comeback is nevertheless not so far-fetched.

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