Gladiator 2: The sequel to Ridley Scott’s action flick will launch in 2024

Gladiator 2″, a sequel to the 2000 action hit, is currently in production. This is what director Ridley Scott’s film promises.

  • The action sequel “Gladiator 2” will open in US theaters in November 2024.
  • The sequel to the 2000 film promises a huge star cast. Among them: Pedro Pascal.
  • Find out more about the start, plot, cast and production of the blockbuster here.

In 2024, a sequel to the hit film “Gladiator” will be released, and it will bring you some Hollywood stars. In the action flick from 2000 with Russell Crowe, not many survived, but nevertheless, old familiar actors also return to the screen in the sequel. Read more about “Gladiator 2” here.

Gladiator 2: Start Date

Gladiator 2: The sequel to Ridley Scott's action flick will launch in 2024

The movie is scheduled for release in US cinemas on November 22, 2024. Should anything change on this date, you will find out here.

Gladiator 2: Trailer

So far, there is no official trailer for the “Gladiator” sequel, as there are no shot scenes of the film yet. However, we will show you the trailer here as soon as it is released.

Gladiator 2: Storyline

Gladiator 2: The sequel to Ridley Scott's action flick will launch in 2024

This movie is said to center on Lucius (then played by Spencer Treat Clark), the nephew of “Gladiator” villain Commodus (“Joker: Folie à Deux” star Joaquin Phoenix). The latter will already be an adult in the sequel. The sequel will also be about Lucius’ mother Lucilla. However, little is known about that so far.

Gladiator 2: Cast

The cast includes Paul Mescal (“Normal People”) as Lucius, Joseph Quinn (“Stranger Things“) as Emperor Caracalla and Connie Nielsen (“Zack Snyder’s Justice League”) as Lucilla. Joining the cast in previously unknown roles are Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal (“The Last Of Us“), Barry Keoghan and Djimon Hounsou (“Shazam! Fury of the Gods“).

Gladiator 2: Production

The film is once again directed by Ridley Scott (“House of Gucci,” “Raised by Wolves”), who was also responsible for the award-winning first part. John Mathieson is the cinematographer and Arthur Max is in charge of production design. The screenplay is by David Scarpa (“Napoleon”) and the movie is produced by Ridley Scott, Michael Pruss, Laurie MacDonald, Doug Wick (“The Great Gatsby”) and Lucy Fisher.

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