Echo: Disney+ takes a new approach with the release of the “Hawkeye” spinoff

Disney+ is taking a new path with “Echo.” The “Hawkeye” spin-off with the deaf superhero Maya Lopez is being released in an unusual way on the streaming service.

  • With “Echo,” the Marvel series “Hawkeye” is getting its own spin-off on Disney+.
  • This one follows deaf superhero Maya Lopez.
  • Disney+ is taking a new approach with the release of the series, as it will not appear weekly as usual.
Echo: Disney+ takes a new approach with the release of the "Hawkeye" spinoff

“Echo” changes the streaming strategy of Disney+. Actually, it is usual that the new episodes of a series of the streaming service are released in a weekly rhythm. With the release of the “Hawkeye” spin-off, Disney+ is taking a different approach and releasing all episodes in one go.

Thus, the new Marvel series will be released in its entirety on November 29, 2023, and not just 1 to 2 episodes weekly as usual. This should encourage viewers to binge-watch. For season 2 of “Loki,” the tried-and-tested release model will still be used from October 2023.

“Echo” centers on Maya Lopez, who we first met in “Hawkeye.” She is a deaf superhero who is one of the Native Americans. Her ability, much like Kirby from the famous Nintendo games, is to mimic the fighting style of her opponents. In the Marvel comics, the heroine later meets Daredevil, Moon Knight and the Avengers.

The young superheroine is played by Alaqua Cox, who is actually deaf and does not fake her deafness in the series.

Also starring are Zahn McClarnon (“Reservation Dogs”) as William Lopez, Vincent D’Onofrio (“Godfather of Harlem”) as Kingpin, Charlie Cox (“Kin”) as Daredevil, Devery Jacobs (“Reservation Dogs”) as Julie, Chaske Spencer (“Blindspot”), Tantoo Cardinal (“Three Pines”) and Graham Greene (“The Last of Us”).

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