Cruel Summer Season 2: New trailer reveals – we expect a whole new drama

Cruel Summer” is getting a second season. This time the thriller series accompanies the unequal friends Megan and Isabella. A first trailer reveals what you can expect from Cruel Summer season 2.

  • “Cruel Summer” was extended for a 2nd season even before the end of the 1st season.
  • The new episodes of the thriller series from the US channel Freeform are scheduled for release in June 2023.
  • This time we accompany two new protagonists as they become entangled in lies and intrigue in Cruel Summer Season 2.

US channel Freeform extended the thriller series “Cruel Summer” for a season 2 even before the end of season 1. This time we experience another drama in which people pretend to be someone else, which has bittersweet consequences.

Cruel Summer Season 2: Start Date

Cruel Summer Season 2: New trailer reveals - we expect a whole new drama

With a first trailer, the start of the new season of Cruel Summer was finally announced, after almost two years of waiting. On June 5, 2023, the new episodes will start on Freeform. You can watch the thriller series exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Cruel Summer Season 2: Trailer

The first trailer for the 2nd season of “Cruel Summer” promises a dark journey through the past of Megan, Isabella and Megan’s best friend Luke. The girls are initially connected by a deep friendship, which suddenly changes. As the trailer shows, we accompany Megan and Isabella in three different timelines.

Cruel Summer | Season 2 Trailer | Freeform

Cruel Summer Season 2: Plot

The second season “Cruel Summer” follows the rise and fall of Megan and Isabella’s intense teenage friendship on three different timelines. The two girls were good friends around the year 2000 until their relationship with each other deteriorated.

A love triangle develops between Megan, Isabella and Megan’s best friend Luke. At the same time, the girls are haunted by a secret that is to affect their entire relationship.

Cruel Summer Season 2: Cast & Production

Cruel Summer Season 2: New trailer reveals - we expect a whole new drama

Since “Cruel Summer” is an anthology series, we can expect new girls hiding a secret in the new season. The mismatched friends Megan and Isabella are played by Sadie Stanley (“The Goldbergs”) and Lexi Underwood (“The First Lady”).

Megan’s best friend Luke Chambers is portrayed by “Locke & Key” star Griffin Gluck. Also joining the cast are KaDee Strickland (“Private Practice”) as Debbie, Lisa Yamada (“All of Us Are Dead”) as Parker, Braeden De La Garza (“The Quest: Heroes for Everealm”) as Brent, Sean Blakemore (“General Hospital”) and Paul Adelstein (“Prison Break”).

“Cruel Summer” is from Studio eOne and based on an idea by Bert V. Royal (“Easy to Have”). Elle Triedman (“Power Book IV: Force”) serves as showrunner. Executive producers include Triedman, Bill Purple, Tia Napolitano, Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple.

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