Andor Season 2: Diego Luna is ready to say goodbye after season 2

In 2022, “Andor” was a surprise success and showed that Star Wars series can be serious. Now leading actor Diego Luna said that for him personally an end with Andor season 2.

  • “Andor” will get a second season and once again Diego Luna will take on the role of the rebel Cassian Andor.
  • What burden and responsibility that meant for him and why he thinks it’s good that
  • “Andor” ends after the 2nd season, you can read below.
Andor Season 2: Diego Luna is ready to say goodbye after season 2

Being the main actor of a whole series over several seasons can be exhausting. Diego Luna experienced this himself in “Andor”, which is why he now gives a very honest and personal assessment of the continuation of probably the best Star Wars series in a long time.

After the 2016 film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” Diego Luna returned to Disney and Lucasfilm for “Andor” because there was “more to tell from this Star Wars chapter.” He also told Variety that ending after Andor Season 2 was huge for his mental health, but that he would also fully enjoy the journey until then.

An honest and understandable attitude from a top-notch actor who takes care of himself and communicates that openly with the fan community. Thus, after receiving the Virtuoso Award in London, Luna said that the preparations for Season 2 should have been “bittersweet.” It’s clear that Luna is fully committed and will deliver at least as epic a performance as he did in Season 1 of “Andor.”

Knowing that “Andor” will end after Season 2 actually helped Luna, he said, and took away a lot of the anxiety of not knowing what would happen after that. In his opinion, the situation of leaving everything open and not knowing how long a series will last would create anxiety among the actors. Something that is obviously no longer an issue for “Andor”.

True, Disney did not confirm an exact start date for Andor Season 2 yet. But according to showrunner Tony Gilroy, the final filming will happen between August and November this year, which makes a release sometime in 2024 most likely.

Since each season is like four movies of its own, Luna said it will be a while before we can continue to experience Cassian Andor’s story. However, Luna assured that the whole team would give their all and show the same passion and energy as before in season 1.

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